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Vallejo Medical Malpractice AttorneysVallejo Medical Malpractice Lawyers can help you get justice after a mistake by a physician, hospital, surgeon, or doctor.

Solano County Medical Malpractice Lawyers

What injuries are considered Medical Malpractice?

Vallejo Medical malpractice, also referred to as " Vallejo med mal," "Vallejo healthcare liability," "Vallejo doctor malpractice," "Vallejo hospital malpractice," " Vallejo hospital negligence " happens when a healthcare professional, such as a doctor, nurse, or surgeon makes a careless (negligent) or reckless error, which results in harm to you, the patient. This can be particularly traumatizing because society relies on and trusts our healthcare system, especially our doctors to provide excellent medical care and to act with special care to protect us.

Areas of Vallejo medical malpractice include, but are not limited to:

Doctor error Surgical error Infant brain damage Failure to diagnose
Hospital error Birth injuries Medication error Misdiagnosis

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a Vallejo medical professional, you know the effects can be devastating and costly. Doctors should be held accountable for their negligence, just like anyone else, and a Vallejo medical malpractice attorney will help you make sure that physician recklessness and negligence is met with justice. Most importantly, Vallejo Medical Malpractice lawyers will help you receive any financial compensation you are owed under the laws of California.

Immediate Care Facilities in the Greater Vallejo Area:

For less serious injuries, Solano County Immediate Care facilities can be a good solution:

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
2500 Alhambra Avenue
Martinez, CA 94553
(925) 370-5000

Doctors Medical Center
2000 Vale Road
San Pablo, CA 94806
(510) 970-5000

Excel Care Immediate Care Ctr
3431 Broadway Street
American Canyon, CA 94503
(707) 645-7229
John Muir Medical Center
2700 Grant Street
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 674-2075

Marin General Hospital
250 Bon Air Road
Greenbrae, CA 94904
(415) 925-7000

Sonoma Valley Health Care District
347 Andrieux Street
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 935-5000

Many patients are injured but never receive justice or compensation. This is because they do not think they can afford a lawyer or because they wait too long. Vallejo Medical Malpractice attorneys do not get paid until and unless they win your case. Contact a Vallejo Malpractice attorney today to make sure you get the compensation you deserve and to make sure that the doctor who hurt you isn't allowed to hurt people without paying a price.

California Medical Malpractice Laws

Vallejo Medical Malpractice Lawyers help if you have suffered from a misdiagnosis or a botched surgery.Every state has different laws concerning medical malpractice. California's medical malpractice laws fall under a statute called MICRA. In California, the most important laws are those requiring you to file your claim within one (1) year of discovering the injury and limiting pain and suffering damages to $250,000 plus future medical expenses. Contact a Vallejo Medical Malpractice Law Firm for an explanation of how California Medical Malpractice law applies to your case.

Here is a brief summary of some of the California laws that a Solano County Medical Malpractice Attorney can help you understand:

Statute of Limitations:

There is a one (1) year Statute of Limitations from the date of injury, unless the injury is not discovered until later. If this is the case, a lawsuit must be filed within a year from when the discovery should have happened, but in no case can this be more than three years after the original act causing the injury. California victims must usually inform the doctor of the lawsuit 90 days before filing.

Pre-Judgment Interest:

The law allows for interest to start running on the day the suit is filed at a jury's discretion (3288. Interest on damages; noncontractual obligation; discretion of jury).

Damage Caps:

California law limits judgments against doctors. While they are responsible for all actual medical costs, a patient can only recover $250,000 in total damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, and other non-economic damages.

Governmental Immunity:

Different rules may apply to governmental immunity for malpractice claims. Contact a Vallejo medical malpractice attorney for further legal advice.


Under California law, arbitration is allowed and enforced but not required in medical malpractice cases under California Code of Civil Procedure, § 1295 (Contract for medical services; mandatory provision; waiver of right to sue; form of notice; nature of contract).

Periodic Payments:

In California, future medical expense payments over $50,000 can be made periodically.

Collateral Source Rule:

California allows the defendant to present evidence that the victim has been compensated by workers' compensation or insurance and damages may be reduced because of this.

Comparative Negligence:

California uses the pure comparative negligence doctrine. In all cases except those of intentional harm, a patient's recovery is reduced by his percentage of fault. (§ 1714. Responsibility for willful acts and negligence). In order to determine percentage of fault, the fault anyone who had something to do with the injury is considered, even if some of those involved are not part of the lawsuit.

Joint & Several Liability:

Joint and several liability refers to the legal practice of holding more than one defendant jointly liable for the entire amount of a plaintiff's damages. California allows joint and several liability for economic damages such as medical bills. However, in the case of non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, each defendant is only responsible for his own share of the damages.

1431. Joint liability

1431.2. Several liability for non-economic damages

1432. Contribution among joint obligors

Vicarious Liability:

In Vallejo, a hospital can be liable for the actions of its agents, such as its doctors or nurses, due to the agency relationship.

Legal Fees:

6146. Limitations
This section limits the fees that a Vallejo Medical Malpractice Attorney can collect.  A Vallejo Lawyer in a Medical Malpractice case can recover up to 40% of the first $50,000 you get, 33.3% of the second $50,000, 25% of the next $500,000, and only 15% of anything  exceeding $600,000.
Future Damages:
667.7 Action against health care provider; periodic payments of future damages; contempt; legislative intent
This statute authorizes the payment of future damages in periodic payments instead of one lump sum at the end of your Vallejo Medical Malpractice Case where future awards are over $50,000.
Reduced Recovery:
3333.1. Negligence of health care provider; evidence of benefits and premiums paid; subrogation
The recovery in your Vallejo Malpractice Lawsuit may be reduced by any amount you have collected through insurance or social security.
Limits on Damages:

3333.2. Negligence of health care provider; noneconomic losses; limitation
This statute limits noneconomic damages (pain and suffering and similar damages) in a Vallejo Medical Malpractice case to $250,000.

Hospitals in the Greater Vallejo Area:

When you are injured in the Vallejo Area, you may need immediate medical treatment. The following are some local hospitals in the Vallejo area:

Queen of the Valley Medical Center
1000 Trancas Street

Kaiser Foundation Hospital
975 Sereno Drive

Sutter Solano Medical Center
300 Hospital Drive
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
2500 Alhambra Avenue

Doctors Medical Center
2000 Vale Road

NorthBay Healthcare Group
1200 B. Gale Wilson Boulevard

If a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional has caused injury to you or a family member, you might be entitled to recover monetary damages. Call one of the Vallejo medical malpractice attorneys listed above for a consultation regarding your claim before California's one (1) year limitations period ends and you lose your legal rights!

Vallejo Med Mal Attorneys bring suits in many different courts depending on the circumstances. The following are just some of the many courts in the Vallejo area.

Solano County Superior Court - Solano Justice Building
321 Tuolumne
Vallejo CA 94590
Phone: (707) 207-7300
Fax: (707) 426-1631
Solano County Superior Court - Hall of Justice
600 Union Avenue
Fairfield CA 94533
Phone: (707) 207-7300
Fax: (707) 426-1631

Vallejo Medical Malpractice Cases are extremely difficult and complicated. You need an Experienced Vallejo Medical Malpractice Attorney!

Vallejo Medical Malpractice Attorneys represent clients in all areas of Vallejo and Solano County as well as the area surrounding Vallejo including clients throughout Northern California, including Alameda, Benicia, Berkeley, Concord, Crocket, Daly City, Danville, Dublin, Fairfield, Hayward, Hercules, Martinez, Napa, Novato, Oakland, Petaluma, Pittsburg, Richmond, Rio Vista, Rodeo, Saint Vincent's Hill, San Francisco, San Leandro, San Pablo, San Rafael, San Ramon, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Vallejo, Walnut Creek, West Pittsburg, and other communities in Solano County.